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 Clear Seamless Packaging Tubes and Containers

    Seamless Packaging Tubes
    Tapes Packaging Tubes  
   Magnets Packaging Tubes
    Threaded Tube Packaging     Containers
    Square Packaging Container
    Triangle Packaging Container
    Rectangle Packaging Container
    Oval Packaging Container
    Clear Plastic Hanging Tubes
    Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes
    Packaging Container with Flip     Top Plugs
    Donation Containers / Fund  Raising Cans
    Golf Ball Packages
    Clear Plastic Tube with               printing  or labeling
    Injection Molded Plugs & Caps
    PET Packaging Tubes
    Polycarbonated Tubes (PC)
    PET Packaging Tubes
    Blow Molded Tube Container
    PET Packaging Tubes
    Polycarbonated Tubes (PC)
    PET Packaging Tubes
    Blow Molded Tube Container
    Injection Molded Tubes

 Clear Candy Tube Packaging

     Candy Tube Packaging
     Clear Plastic Tube with               Tinplate end caps
     Clear Candy Cane Tubes
     Clear Candy  Tube Display         Racks or Holders

 Clear Paint Can & Clear Pails

    Clear Paint Can
    PVC & PETG Bucket
    Clear Candy Pails & Craft Pail

Transparent Products
  PVC,PET Folding Box
  Die Cut Sheets
  Soft-Crease Box
  Flat Pack
  Machine PP Bonding
  Gold/Silver Foil Box
  PVC Pillow Pack
  PVC Bucket
  Auto-Lock Bottom Box
  Seamed Tube
  Hand-made PP Tube Packages

 Clear Cigar Tubes & Test Tubes

    Plastic Cigar Tubes
    Cigar Tube Display Racks ro Test Tube Racks or Holders

 PP Packaging Boxes  & Products

    PP Box with Printing
    PP Box without Printing
    PP Lamp Shade
    PP Shopping Bags
    PP Pillow Packs
    PP Business Card Box
    PP Brochure Rack
    PP Sketch Dairy
    PP Sheets
    PP Dry Erasable Notes


 Thermoforming &  Vacuum Forming

    Blister Packs

    Slide-On Blister


    Tri-Folds Calmshells

    Standing Clamshells

    Blister Tray and Holders

    Blister for display

    Heat Sealed Blister

    Blister for Batteries  

   Medical Blister Packaging

    Blister Toys

    Promopak Clamshell



 Stencils ,Templates and Rulers

    Plastic Stencils

    Plastic Tempates

    Plastic Ruler


 Merchandising and Display Accessories

  Hang Strip / Clip Strip

  Hang Strip / Clip Strip with Printing
    Molded Clip Strips
    Metal Hooks
    Hang Tabs

    Metal Clip Strips

    Plastic Pegboard Hooks

    Flexi's Hang Tabs       


 Injection and Fishing  Tackle Box

    Injection Molded Box

    Tooling Box

    Fishing Tackle Box

    Plastic Handle

    Revolving Turntables

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 Fax: 0086-755-8667 2059

 MSN: davidquan@msn.com
 Hotmail: quanyuli@hotmail.com
WhatsApp: 86-1360 2579 266
 WeChat:  quandavid
 SKYPE: davidquan

 QQ:  5170 6058 1




Hang Fung


Pro Manufacturing

Tool path generation from Pro-E design ensures precise adherence to customer requirements.

We provide unique technical back-up basis on our know-how technique in moldings. Produce molds  at lower cost, high quality, extremely precise and in minimum lead time.

The Thermoforming & Injection Mold Plastic Products

Thermoforming  Samples lead-time within 5 days
Injection Mold Sample lead-time 20 days


Mould in Uni-Plastic is manufactured in-house via CNC machines, which allows us entirely control over all stages of development to production thus ensuring an efficient response to customers requirement.


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